Custom Cameras



Sydney Camera Repairs can custom make your camera to suit you unique camera & lens performance needs.

We can help you design your  camera & customise it to meet your specific needs. Need to shoot in a demanding environment? Unusual lighting situation? Want to use an special lens? Ask us about what can be done.


Example 1: Custom Made Full Movement Lightphase Studio Camera for Hasselblad V Digital Back!

$T2eC16d,!zEE9s3!Y8u0BQl5qmc5OQ~~60_57     $(KGrHqF,!qkFCSkLMNlcBQl5qhnj-g~~60_57     $T2eC16h,!)kE9s4,Bu0EBQl5qmbIvg~~60_57

Example 2: Custom Made Angenieux Zoom HP 25-250mm T.3.2 Lens

$_57     $_57-2     $_57-3

Example 3: Custom Made Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera for All PL mount Lens Use

$T2eC16hHJGIE9nnWsy!cBRNWsuVIRg~~60_57     $(KGrHqIOKocFEW27!u4oBRNWs4YiMw~~60_57     $T2eC16JHJF8E9nnC6UIwBRNWtYfd+w~~60_57

Let us know how we can help your unique camera needs.

Have a problem with lens breathing when you make an adjustment? Want to use a detachable lens system from one camera on a different camera? Need a Cine-mod? Don’t know what a cine-Mod is? Contact Us at