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Sydney Camera Repair Services.

Sydney Camera Repairs specialises in a wide range of camera components and has over 30 years of experience in repairing cameras. Our highly trained and experienced staff will repair cameras for professional and commercial photographers, students, hobbyists and enthusiasts.

We repair digital SLRs like Canon & Nikon, traditional film cameras and European cameras such as Leica, Hasselblad & Linhof. We repair lenses & cameras from impact damage, digital errors & mechanical faults. Even lenses by Sigma, Tokina and Samyang.   

Some typical repairs on Digital SLRs that we see regularly include fixing; Mirror boxes, focal accuracy, lens mounts, shutter speeds, camera reprogramming, aperture correction, parallax fault, TTL & exposure, sensors, LCD displays, battery leaks, zoom functions, speed light & flash.

We love seeing old film & antique cameras and can repair & clean them for collectors & enthusiasts. We even have our own collection of old film and antique cameras. Find out more by visiting our Sydney Centre.

We can even repair your custom made cameras, with their special requirements. In addition to their repairs we can further customise your camera and lens to fit your unique photography needs. Find out more…

To request a quote for the repair and/or customisation of your equipment, send us an email to or alternatively, fill out the details on the Contact Us page

Why repair?

Modern digital cameras purchased within the last few years are economical to repair with the right tools and experience.  Rather than throwing away a damaged or malfunctioning camera consider:

- The cost of replacing it

- The familiarity you have with its functionality and features; do you really want to learn to use a new one that you do not like as much?

- Do you have a significant investment in camera accessories and software that may or may not transfer to/be compatible with a new camera?

- The environmental impact of disposing of your old camera, when you could repair it.

Consider repairing a camera. It’s probably cheaper than you think.

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