“I am very happy finding you in Sydney and proud of the work you did perfectly for me.
It was amazing to see how you fixed the connection error 01 on my canon lens with confidence and very happy with the fair repair fee you asked for. It was nothing to compare with your knowledge and experiences.
Your friendly welcome is not forgettable and the extra services you provide me for cleaning the sensor of my 5D MIII and upgrading the firmware is appreciated.”



“Best service in Sydney for a camera and lens repair, sensor clean and general maintenance. Aquila also can test you lens for it’s best aperture. I strong recommend, knowledgeable service at a quick turn around.”



“Simply the best place in Sydney to get your stills cameras repaired. It doesn’t matter how old or new, how rare or common the camera is, Aquila Lee is a master technician capable of dealing with virtually any camera there is. The service is outstanding and the price is very reasonably. Don’t bother going anywhere else”